About ImpediMed


ImpediMed is a medical device world leader with a focus on providing fluid and body composition measurements that are non-invasive, highly accurate and simple to operate. Our bioimpedance spectroscopy technology is unique in that it scans a wide frequency up to 1000kHz taking readings from 256 points- making this device the most accurate bioimpedance spectroscopy device available.

ImpediMed devices are currently used in both the clinical and research settings with future applications being deve-
loped for home use.

ImpediMed has over 15 years of clinical experience supporting healthcare professionals in the assessment of secondary unilateral lymphedema of the limbs. ImpediMed’s devices are used in a variety of settings to aid surgeons, oncologists, therapists, and radiation oncologists.

Our research devices are thought of as a gold standard measurement system for non-invasive fluid and body composition measurement, used in both animals and human research.

Australian Corporate

Office Unit 1,
50 Parker Court Pinkenba,
QLD 4008 Australia

United States Office

5900 Pasteur Court,
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CA 92008 USA

US Regional Office

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Suite 225 Bloomington,
MN 55425 USA

European Regional Office

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