About ImpediMed


ImpediMed develops bioimpedance devices with a focus on medical applications in the fluid status area.  Primary to this is the L-Dex U400 which measures extracellular fluid differences in the limbs for unilateral lymphedema.

The company is pioneering the use of next generation bioimpedance technology in BIS (Bioimpedance Spectroscopy).

BIS is the gold standard in bioimpedance. ImpediMed’s products are unique in the field of BIS. They scan the full frequency range from 3kHz to 1000kHz taking readings from 256 points to make them the most accurate bioimpedance devices available.

In BIS, ImpediMed has developed devices which are the most accurate and clinically useful in this field. ImpediMed is respected in the BIS field for the strong scientific foundation of its approach to BIS.

ISO13485: ImpediMed’s products are designed and manufactured to an ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality System.

ImpediMed’s management team includes executives who have international experience in successfully introducing innovative medical products to global markets, with a track record in delivering growth and market share to create investor value.

The organization is dynamic and professional and has been built from the ground up with a strong team of enthusiastic and dedicated senior managers, researchers and employees. The company is on a dramatic growth path with the strong demand for its unique product offerings, and offers exciting career opportunities.

ImpediMed devices are currently used in both the clinical and research settings with future applications being deve-
loped for home use.

ImpediMed has over 15 years of clinical experience supporting healthcare professionals in the assessment of secondary unilateral lymphedema of the limbs. ImpediMed’s devices are used in a variety of settings to aid surgeons, oncologists, therapists, and radiation oncologists.

Our research devices are thought of as a gold standard measurement system for non-invasive fluid and body composition measurement, used in both animals and human research.

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